Woodrock Architects / 우드락건축사사무소
65 Chang-6gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea zipcode 03118

Lim, Yunhee / 임윤희
2016 Established Woodrock Architects
2014 Joined Sunjin Engineering Ltd. (-2015)
2011 Joined SKAI (-2014)
2007 Joined Joh Sung Yong Architects (-2011)
2006 Completed Bachelor's Degree, Architectural Engineering, Dongguk University
1982 Born in Pohang, Korea

Shin, Hyunhoon / 신현훈
2016 Established Woodrock Architects
2009 Joined SUNJIN Engineering (-2016)
2006 Joined GYON Architects (-2009)
2001 Joined ISON Architects (-2006)
1999 Completed Bachelor's Degree, Interior Architecture, Gachon University
1976 Born in Dangjin, Korea

2020  KRCG, Paju, Korea (On-going)
2020 Welfare Center in Paju, Korea with ESTUDIO SOL89 ARQUITECTURA (Lee, Jongjin) (On-going)
2019 Jazz Club in Gunsan, Jeonnam, Korea with ison architects (On-going)
2019 House in Seosan, Chungnam, Korea (On-going)
2019 Community Center in Old Town, Ulsan, Korea with ether.le (painter) (On-going)
2019 Boutique Hotel in front of Han river, Gapyung, Korea (On-going)
2018 Masterplan for Public Sports Complex Center, Uijeongbu, Korea (On-going)
2018 Landscape design for a restaurant , Gapyung, Korea
2017 Carpenter's workshop in a mountain village, Gapyung, Korea
2016 Interior Works in Gapyung, Korea
2016 House on a Cliff, Seoul, Korea (Completed)

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   photo by woodrock architects / Jojae

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